Viridian is a master planned mixed use development in the City of Arlington. LANDTEC provided the construction material testing for 3.6 plus million cubic yards mass grading for different project phases. Provide material testing during construction of current phases of utilities and moisture conditioned fill and paving.  

LANDTEC provides geotechnical engineering services for the project which includes over 400 borings 20-75’ deep, extensive laboratory testing including soil classification tests, sieve, and unconfined compressive strength tests, Proctors, swell tests.

Viridian Master Planned Community

Geotechnical Engineering and Construction Materials Testing

— 32 Separate Projects from 2014 to 2019
— Over 3 Million Cubic Yards of General Fill Testing
— 28,000+ Linear Feet of Stabilized Paving Subgrade Testing
— 650+ Concrete Test Cylinders for Paving
— Moisture Conditioning Testing for House Pads