Construction Materials Testing

LANDTEC provides construction materials testing, observation and IBC special inspection services to verify materials used during construction comply with project plans and specifications. Our engineering technicians have NICET, ACI, Troxler and TxDOT certifications.

LANDTEC is operated in accordance with ASTM E329. Within AASHTO, the firm participates in the (AMRL) sample proficiency programs, as well as the Laboratory Assessment Program (LAP) which utilizes services provided by AMRL. The assessment includes a review of the laboratory’s Standard Practice R18, “Standard Practice for Establishing and Implementing a Quality System for Construction Materials Testing Laboratories.”

LANDTEC is TxDOT Pre-Certified in 14.1.1, 14.2.1, 14.3.1 and 14.4.1 categories.

We are committed to achieving the best solutions for our clients by providing superior performance. We combine local engineering and testing expertise with the latest innovations in construction and technology.



— foundation construction observation & testing
— casting concrete test cylinders
— concrete paving, slump, temperature & air
— soil compaction testing using nuclear density device
— asphalt inspection & testing
— proctors, atterberg limits & gradation testing
— drilled pier and augered cast-in-place (ACIP) pile observation
— reinforcing & structural steel inspection
— sprayed on cementitious fire-proofing inspection
— special inspections per IBC
— mortar & grout testing
— aggregate testing
— floor flatness